4 Simple but Effective Ways to Save for and Spend Less on Your Trip

Like many people, you probably want to travel but don’t have enough money to go on a vacation. But here’s the thing: you don’t really need to have loads of cash to go on your dream trip! By knowing how to save up and reduce your expenses, you can have the vacation of a lifetime without spending too much or getting into debt. Here are some tips that you can use:

Start eating cheap now

Many people plan to “eat like a local” so they can cut costs during their trip, but why not start now? Instead of forking out dollars for fast food, for instance, bring your own lunch to work. Instead of buying gourmet coffee, make your own java and bring it in a spill-free mug to the office. Taking these steps helps  you spend less and have more cash for your travel funds.


Ask for travel-related gifts

People are going to give you birthday and Christmas presents, anyway, so why not make them travel-related presents? Cash is always king but, if you’re too shy to ask for money, tell your friends and family that a sturdy backpack (if you don’t yet have one) or gift cards for airlines or accommodation will be much appreciated.


Use Facebook wisely

If your Facebook friends’ friends are living abroad, connect with them and see if they can host you for a night or two (or even during your entire stay!). It will cost you a bottle of wine or any other gift for your host, but it’s totally worth it considering that you’re saving a lot on accommodation and can get premium advice about the best places to visit in area. Another great way to use Facebook is to join groups that give alerts about travel deals. Doing this lets you know about plane seat sales or hotel discounts that will help you save a substantial amount.


Take advantage of free attractions

This works only if you’re traveling to enjoy your destination and not to visit specific attractions. Many museums offer free nights or charge just a minimal fee, so you can explore them and learn a great deal about the country’s history and culture. Of course, sitting in public parks and enjoying the trees, fresh air, and relaxing views won’t cost you a penny!


Take these steps now to enjoy a great vacation without taking out loans or spending a fortune.

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