4 low cost hostels in Europe

Traveling is a wonderful experience as visiting places that you saw on books or internet sites gives you extraordinary sensations. Young people want to visit and explore but the costs, however, are not always within reach. So, you have to mediate on costs in order to save on traveling. In Europe there are 4 low cost hostels, in particular, that are worth visiting. The best low cost hostels are concentrated in the cities which are the most preferred destinations. Barcelona, ​​London, Paris and Berlin are the most visited cities each year.

Barcelona Urbany Hostel

Barcelona Urbany Hostel

Starting from Barcelona, the cheapest hostel that offers a good quality/price ratio is the Barcelona Urbany Hostel. Prices start at around 15 Euros and are differentiated by the type of room. The rooms have from 2 to 4 beds, with the possibility of having a double one and possibly a private bathroom, which is otherwise common. Breakfast and internet are also included and you can have lunch at cheap prices in the bar. The reception is always open and willing to help you.

Terrace - Barcelona Urbany Hostel

Terrace – Barcelona Urbany Hostel

In London there is a funky hostel called Clink78 where the rooms are actually cells. In fact, the construction of the building dates back two centuries ago, when it was conceived as the Palace of Justice. The rooms can be double or triple rooms with bathroom, dorm rooms or rooms that have up to fifteen beds. Its furnishings are modern and comfortable, the kitchen is shared and there is room to stay in order to meet other people. The location is strategic to reach the major points of interest.

Clink78 Hostel

Clink78 Hostel

In Paris, the Friends Hostel is a wonderful hostel for young and old alike. The rooms are for 2, 4 or 6 beds but it also has mixed dorms with 14 beds. Its central location is close to supermarkets and bakeries, ideal for you to prepare the meal in the communal kitchen.

Friend's Hostel

Friend’s Hostel

In Berlin, the Amstel House Hostel is a charming building from 1914 that is able to accommodate solo travelers, groups and even families. It offers dorms of 4 to 12 beds, both women-only or mixed and with shared bathrooms. As for those who would appreciate a little more privacy there are double rooms with or without private bathroom. The location is central for visiting the city. The common rooms are equipped with TV, table tennis and internet terminals. Finally, the front desk is open 24 hours.

Amstel House Hostel

Amstel House Hostel

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