4 Destinations Not to Miss While Holidaying in Northern Island

When planning a holiday to the UK, you should never pass up on spending some time in Northern Ireland. This small and lovely region is known for its castles and glacial valleys. Although relatively small in size, its capital, Belfast, was the place where the famous Titanic was built. Today, the head of the slipway is a venue of exhibits, from the city’s history to the story of the shipwrecked Titanic. Here are some marvelous tourists to experience when holidaying in this wonderful destination:

  1. Giant’s Causeway


Although you can enjoy this with your children in winter, this must-see attraction is best experienced during the summer. This is the geological centrepiece found in the Antrim Coast. This rock formation is made of hexagonal basalt columns that seem to erect from the sea. The views are so breathtaking you will never really feel the long walk. The dramatic coastline is perfect for a backdrop.

  1. Armagh


Found in the heart of this city is a magnificent cathedral, the St. Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral. This majestic hilltop structure has two twin spires, gothic architecture, grey stone and ornate mosaics. You can also visit the Navan Centre where you learn about the myths and legends of the Ulster Cycle. Your kids will also love the Armagh Astronomy Centre and Planetarium.

  1. Newcastle


You and the kids will enjoy a day at the beach, the sights and the sand dunes. The Murlough Reserve is a perfect choice for some walking exercises and bird watching. Also, visit the ruins of the Dundrum Castle built in the 1200s. If you climb the spiral staircase, you can see the magnificent view of the Dundrum Bay and the Mourne Mountains.

  1. Londonderry

St. Columbs Cathedral

Commonly referred to as Derry, this second Northern Ireland city is still the most important port and industrial centre. Visit the St. Columbs Cathedral, the city’s most historic structure and was the first church to be constructed after the Reformation. Other places of interest are the Free Derry Corner and the spectacular Grianan of Aileach.

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