3 UK Destinations Beyond London

The UK remains to be one of the most visited travel destinations of people from across the globe, backpackers and seasoned travelers alike. Tourists flock to London to enjoy great food and explore the city. However, there are other places away from the noise and busy streets of London. There is much to see and discover beyond the capital city.

  1. Salisbury


One of the places to include in your bucket list is Salisbury, the site of the Stonehenge. Built more than 5,000 years ago, this man-made structure is still one of the most famous historical sites in the world and is surrounded by historical fact and burial mounds. This countryside town is a beauty in itself since it is well-preserved. There is also the Salisbury Cathedral built in 1238 which remains to be standing. Although a day trip will get you around the town, lingering for a night or two is much better.

salisbury cathedral

  1. Cornwall

Referred to as the backwater of England, this county is mesmerising and charming. Satisfy your cravings for fresh seafood and enjoy the white beach in a small valley in Porthcurno or visit the Camel Estuary and be in awe of the sights while you enjoy your fish and chips.


Don’t miss Cornwall’s Twin Peaks by exploring the beautiful stone formation that sits near Brown Willy, the highest peak in Cornwall. This is also the perfect hiking destination since you will have to endure an 8 kilometre walk from the car park.

  1. Yorkshire

When it comes to satisfying your gastronomic cravings, this is your go-to place, perhaps the best in Britain. This is also where you will find numerous Michelin-starred restaurants. This northern England county is home to many castles, museums and known for Viking and Roman heritage. There is much to see and experience this side of England.


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