3 travel-perfect ways to pass time in an airport

Your passport is in your back pocket, you’re packed and ready, and you’re brimming with excitement about your trip to Alicante. After a long cold winter, you can already feel the sun on your face.

pass time in an airport

But then comes the buffer to all your fun – the dreaded airport. When you’re itching to lounge on a crowded beach, having to spend hours in a purgatorial departure lounge is about as much fun as a fist sandwich.

Staving off boredom is your only hope, before you take root in one of the departure lounge chairs.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways to avoid terminal frustration – and maybe even have some fun.

Park for pleasure

Have you ever tried parking in a large airport like Gatwick or Stansted? It’s like negotiating a maze from a Greek tragedy. You half-expect a Minotaur in a Vauxhall Nova to honk its horn at you.

Moreover, these flight hubs are so busy that finding a space close to your terminal in these labyrinthine spots is like hunting for a needle in a sewage system.

So find an expert airport meet and greet service that’ll pick up your car at your terminal and drive it a safe location, patiently awaiting your return. It’s the safe and hassle-free way to park.

Plug and play

Plugs are boring, aren’t they? They’re little more than electrical inputs to power your appliances. But it’s only when you can’t find a socket that you start to appreciate just how vital plugs are to your daily life.

Before you sit down in any old chair in a departure lounge make sure a plug socket is nearby, and find some way to keep it clear for your use only (placing a bag over it works a treat).

Without a plug socket, you’ll stare impotently at your laptop screen as its battery drains faster than a vampire bite.

And when you’re travelling internationally, ensure you’ve got the adaptors for the job. No one wants to be caught short when their mobile phone is dying.


Your tatty, standard airport terminal usually has the personality of a lobotomy patient – and with even less to do. Sure, there might be a Costa coffee to pass the time, but nothing you could call luxurious.

Some airport terminals, however, offer VIP terminals for an extra fee.

These decadent waiting areas offer free snacks, drinks, widescreen tellies, games for the kids, the morning’s newspapers and a place where you kick back without the hurry scurry of other passengers. Who knows – you might feel like you’re on holiday already.

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