3 Reasons That Make Thailand a Haven for Travelers and Backpackers

For seasoned travelers and first-time backpackers, a great go-to destination is Southeast Asia. Not only for a chance to explore different exotic countries in a month but also for the perks of not having to spend that much, if you carefully plan your trip. Among the countries worth visiting, Thailand is one of more popular choices. Not that it is not flocked by tourists but because traveling here is easy even for a solo backpacker.


Although some rates are expensive, thanks to the booming tourism of the country, there are plenty of low-end guesthouses and hostels you can find literally everywhere. This makes booking a room easier. You can even make new friends and spend at least one day with company, if this sounds good to you.


For as low as $12 a night, you can stay in a Thai-style bamboo bungalow in Koh Tao sprawled on a coconut plantation and with free WiFi access in public areas. There are other hostels and dorm type rooms available to accommodate any type of traveler.

Getting Around


Thailand is the third easiest countries to explore. With different modes of transportation like tuk tuks, buses and motorcycles for rent, you can go to beaches and around the city you are visiting with no worries. And if you prefer to simply spend a day on the beach, you can stay in a hostel that is simply a 5-minute walk to the beach and the main sea port. Renting a moped can be as cheap as $3 a day and even if you do not have a license.

Thai Cuisine


Food is relatively cheap in this part of the globe. Since you are on an adventure, why not try street food? Pad Thai sells for 30 baht, that is roughly a dollar when converted. Learning to cook Thai food is easy. There are Thai cooking classes you can join, particularly in Chiang Mai.


Backpacking to Thailand is definitely recommended even for solo backpackers visiting a country for the first time. If you are looking for the ideal backpacking destination, include Thailand in your list.

Photos by: Dennis Jarvis (photos 1 & 2), Arun KatiyarBen Garrett

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