3 Considerations to Make When Traveling with Kids on a Long Haul Flight

Traveling for hours to a different time zone can be quite challenging and tiresome, let alone if you have your kids with you. However, with careful planning and preparation, this experience can turn into an awesome adventure instead of a disastrous long haul flight for the family. Besides, it is better to get used to doing it so you can spend more unforgettable trips with your children before they explore the world on their own.

Here are some aspects to consider when traveling with children on a long haul flight:

Comfort and Convenience


These are two considerations to tick to ensure everyone will be able to rest and enjoy while seated on the plane for hours. If you have toddlers with you, see to it that they are wearing comfortable clothes while traveling. Since it can be cold inside the plane, make sure they are donned in warm clothing. Also, bring enough supplies like diapers, socks, snacks and extra clothes tucked away in your hand carry luggage that you can easily get in case they need to change. And if possible, get them their own seats.

Booking Plans


When booking your flight, it is wise to order your kids’ meals ahead. You know how children are with food sometimes and yes, how airline food is at times. Moreover, try to book direct flights if possible. Layover time can be too long for kids. And if ever you have connecting flights and have to wait longer, take time to rest your legs and stretch out a little.

Activities for Kids


Children can get bored easily but if they are kept busy, they are easier to take care of. If your kid has a favorite toy, bring it along. Also, pack in some crayons and coloring books they can work on while flying. Of course, you can always let them play games on your tablet or watch in-flight movies.

By taking these considerations in mind, traveling with kids will be more comfortable and enjoyable.


Photos by: Heather PooleGlenn BeltzKačka a Ondra and James Emery

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