3 Best Cities to See Street Art

Street art has never been popular in the past decade. Thanks to the likes of Banksy and Shepard Failey who elevated the status of the medium. What was once a clandestine act of vandalism is now a celebrated form of art, popping up in major cities across the world. If you’re up for street art sightseeing, here the top three cities you should add to your travel bucket list.


Berlin, Germany


Dubbed as “the graffitie Mecca of the urban art world”, Berlin has a long history of street art. In fact, it was given the title UNESCO’s City of Design owing to its big street art industry. Almost all buildings in every street bear the bold graffiti words and drawings – some artistic and some just plain vandalism – gaining Berlin the reputation as the most “bombed” city in Europe. Among the city’s most popular street artists is Roland Brueckner, who in 2003 posted a series of posters that became collectively known as “Linda’s Ex”.  Then there’s also XOOOOX who is famous for his stencils of images he replicates from fashion magazines.

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Sao Paulo is home to some of the most creative and eye-catching street arts in the world. Sidewalks, building walls, flyovers, and street walls here and there feature attractive drawings and graffitis. The Google Art Project photographed and organized 189 of the city’s artworks and posted the collection online. Among which are the untitled wall murals by Antonio Gomide, Daniel Melim, and Kobra.


Cape Town, South Africa


South Africa has its own street art capital – Cape Town. The city is home to some of the world’s great street artists alongside the likes of JR and Bansky. To name a few, there’s Freedy Sam, who made it to National Geographic‘s list of 11 street art greats in 2014; Falko One, one of the pioneers of graffiti art in the city; and the legendary, Faith 47, whose current work conveys messages of global connectedness and understanding with a sense of the metaphysical.


Photos by: euskalherrianjaded one, and Annette Bernhardt

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