10 reasons why to visit Turkey

A travel destination full of attractions and not too far from our borders we would expect for a relaxing week in the off-season or for an autumn break in history – the country offers good food and exciting natural scenery: Turkey.



And there are several reasons to reach it, discover it and appreciate it (or to go back, even if you are there already) , let’s say at least ten . Starting with the food, which is tasty, varied and also very cheap, with an abundance of meat, fish and vegetables of all kinds (excellent peppers stuffed with rice).The story in Turkey has left important and engaging marks: underwater ancient tombs , amphitheatres seeds covered by sand, great temples, houses carved into the rock. Extraordinary scenery will open your eyes, from the Mediterranean beaches to the rocky shores of the Aegean, from the crystalline waters of the coast of Lycia to the shaded e white beaches by pine trees.

Shopping enthusiasts will find shops and markets overflowing with local produce, crafts, food and fragrant spices: a tour to accomplish with wise stops dedicated to the excellent apple tea served in the bazaars. For lovers of adrenaline-pumping activities there are 4 × 4 safari , paragliding , kite surfing , hiking, and the descent of the streams. Not to mention the hot air balloon rides, maybe over the skies of Capapdocia. After so much activity will serve a relaxing rejuvenating time : wellness centers in these parts are called hamman and massages, scented oils and hot springs will get you back on track

A fulfilling holiday must have a suitable base camp, but this is not a problem, given that in Turkey there are hotels to suit all tastes, even for the most demanding like to see many stars shine above their suite. The culture in Turkey exudes from food, music, art, folklore and the cities but also the nightlife does not disappoint travelers: pub with sea view, local disco on the roof of the hotel and overlooking the Bosphorus waterway await travelers night owls. That day you can have fun , perhaps during a ride on the boat, to cross the water borders that separates two continents, Asia and Europe : the Bosporus is this and much more, such as the remains of fortresses and residences that are reflected.


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