10 of the Best Cities You Need to Visit in Your Lifetime

Each traveler has his or her own bucket lists and favorite travel destinations. If you’re wondering what most of them would recommend, here are 10 of the top cities most globetrotters say you need to see in this lifetime.

Venice, Italy

Who wouldn’t want to visit this picturesque and romantic place? Its beautiful canals make you feel like you’re in a romance novel being whisked away by your leading man in a gondola (yes, nonetheless). And oh, not to mention the grandiose basilicas, colorful homes and exquisite wine bars.

Seville, Spain 

Being Spain’s crown jewel, this city is definitely a must-see. Its Moorish castles, tapa eateries, orange blossoms and even its quaint narrow streets are some of the delightful things you’ll see here.

New York City, USA

New York City is considered a melting pot of culture, art and nationalities. It won’t be a surprised if you’ll be amazed at the diversity of life here.

Lhasa, China 

If you’re a spiritual person, you’ll love this place as it is the spiritual center of Tibetan Buddhism. It’s also where you’ll find one of the most unforgettable views on the planet, thanks to the Himalayas set against the monasteries and palaces here.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro has one of the world’s most iconic skyline and the best festivals. What’s more, it’s also home of two of the most famous beaches on the planet – Ipanema and Copacabana.


London, England 

What’s not to love about London? It has some of the most prestigious museums, street markets and historical landmarks in the world. Plus, there’s the London Eye, which gives you the an amazing view of the city.

Marrakech, Morocco

The medina of Marrakech gives you a travel experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It has endless corridors that seem like a labyrinth filled with colorful and lively souks, awe-inspiring architecture and gastronomic tagines in every corner.

Petra, Jordan

There are quite a number of ancient cities around the world, but Petra is one of a kind. For one, it is located in a marvelous and wind-swept desert. For another, its monumental rock-cut structures are a sight to see.


Rome, Italy 

Exploring the entire city of Rome is like being in the largest open-air museum on the planet. This is because the Eternal City tastefully combines world-class cuisine, art and ancient history.

Varanasi, India

This is one of India’s holiest cities that offer an authentic experience for the senses. Plus, the sunrise is a sight to see especially with the ghats on banks of the Ganges are filled up with pilgrims and locals.


Photos by: Salvador DrusinPhilip SheldrakeEliane Kobayakawa and Shantideva

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