Where to stay in Munich of Bavaria for the Oktoberfest

Let’s say that you have not already booked your stay for Oktoberfest, which this year is celebrated from September the 21st to October¬† the 6th , 2013, you risk having to pay very much to sleep in a hotel in Munich, and you’ll also want to thank you for taking place.

Tents in Octoberfest

Tents in Octoberfest

A first possibility to read the map of the S-Bahn Munich, the one that serves the suburbs to be clear, and try to search for accommodation around the city. It will not be like staying in Munich, but traveling by metro will make you avoid so much trouble (here the tourist offices of the neighbouring cities).

If you like sports, maybe you can still find a tent to camp in Wies’n, equipped in a ten-minute metro ride from the Oktoberfest tents. Much depends on the time, one year I was in a tent (not to Wiesen) for three days with two more friends of mine, but one night I received all the rain that the Lord wanted to send us.

This year, then the campers will have a new rest area equipped with sanitary facilities at the New Fair of Munich, in the district of Riem (on google map you can see the map with the areas); bear in mind that the organization was keen to inform this year that the restricted area (around the Theresienwiese and the other around the old park in the Arnulfstrasse), will be particularly taken care by the polizei.

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