Where to Go for the Best Off-The-Beaten Path Experience

There are vacation destinations known nationally as among the best of the most visited. Then there are also those that are familiar only to locals or to the most avid travel enthusiasts. If you are tired of the touristy, commercial-infested travel destinations, then here are top off-the-beaten path vacation spots you might want to check out instead.

  1. Bhutan

Bhutan is far different from all other travel destinations. It’s a Himalayan kingdom known widely for magic and mystery, where traditional Buddhist culture embraces modern global developments.

Here, expect to see red rice, monasteries and even gigantic protective penises painted on the entranceway of houses! But what’s best about Bhutan is their law citing that the country must be kept 60% forested for the benefit of the future generations. It’s the perfect travel destination especially for the nature lovers!


  1. Moldova

Moldova is vaguely popular in the lands of Europe. It’s even more anonymous to the rest of the world. Such is why it has remained a mysterious and very misunderstood land.

The place is not set up typically for travelers and many view this as the region’s best charms. Although the sights are quite few and even far between, they are mostly impressive. Visiting Moldova, expect to see many dramatic and stunning cave monasteries. The country has the Transdniestr’s Soviet time capsule feel and boasts fascinating viniculture.


  1. Algeria

Algeria is Africa’s largest country. Tourists here are a novelty but the region still has lots of unpeopled attractions to offer. The capital city, Algiers, is an urbane and charismatic city filled with traditional medina and a mix of heady, nostalgic and modern architecture. Up north can be found the coastlines, rural hinterlands and some well-preserved Roman historical cities.


What remains Algeria’s trump card, however, is its magnificent Saharan region. Imagine seas of sands around Timimoun and headlong plunges into Tamanrasset. Algeria is where you head to for desert landscapes of dreams and legends.


Where to Go for the Best Off-The-Beaten Path Experience  photos by jmhullotMagalie L’Abbémariusz kluzniak and  zoomion

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