Where to Go for Backpacking in the UK

Are you thinking of a backpacking adventure? You can consider the UK as your next destination. With snowcapped mountains, verdant fells and rugged coastlines, the region will offer you some of the most wonderful walks in the world. Now, grab a map, put on your boots and get ready to discover 3 of the best backpacking destinations in the UK.

  • Southern Upland Way


While this coast-to-coast path running across southern Scotland is not the longest of its kind in the UK, the Southern Upland Way is regarded as one of the toughest. This isolated and uncompromising trail will suit you if you are just happy in your own company, as there are not many day-trippers here. But remember—the forests here are commanding, the mountains are daunting and the moors are desolate (though beautiful)—so you have to be self sufficient.

Southern UPland Way

  • Yorkshire Three Peaks

This trail incorporates the highest mountains in England, Wales and Scotland, which means that you will need a vehicle to get between them. During your trek, you will need to conquer peaks that are far from easy, including those that offer challenges with vertical ascent. Basically, your objective would be to finish your journey in 12 hours, after which you can lay back and relax at a pub.

Three Peaks Yorkshire

  • Thames Path

When you speak of River Thames, the first thing that would come to mind is London’s iconic skyline. But while the end part of this National Trail actually passes through the city, a major part meanders through some of the loveliest landscapes in England, which starts at the source of the river near Cirencester, crosses the heart of classical England and then en route to the capital. The trail setting is a perfect combination of picture-postcard countryside and big-city London.


These are just some of the great backpacking destinations in the UK, and you will find more as you continue your search. Enjoy your adventures and stay safe!

Photos by: Andrew BowdenTed and JenGarry Knight

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