Where Beer Is the Real Deal

Certain locations have something different to offer tourists; some are even unique only to a particular area. Hawaii, for example, has the Kilauea volcano that has been erupting since 1983.


For a beer-lover like you, however, the only thing you’re likely to be interested in is where to find the best beer in the world. The good news is there are plenty of other options besides Munich, Germany.



Birthplace of Heineken and Grolsh, Amsterdam is where you can sample a wide selection of beers, or drink up until you get hammered. The capital city of the Netherlands provides the perfect avenue for a pub crawl, with some establishments offering up to 200 types of beer. Complete your trip with a tour of the Heineken experience to get a glimpse of the brewing process.

Mexico City


Mexico City is home of Corona, the 6th best-selling beer in the world. If you love Corona, you’re going to love other brews available in the city, such as Sol, Tecate and Dos Equis. Although a tour to the breweries may take some time, since they’re scattered in various parts, you can easily drink up and get drunk in some of the many bars and shops in Mexico City. Don’t forget to check out the mariachi clubs and taverns too.



As the center of the beer industry in Belgium, expect a treat of the best beers when in Brussels. What makes their products stand out is that some of them are fermented in a special and unique way. Some brewers use spontaneous fermentation by wild yeasts and bacteria. Watering holes like the Mort Subite and Puppet Cellar serve more than 2000 varieties of beer. These give you plenty more to enjoy. There are plenty of other destinations for beer-loving tourists. All you need to do is pack right and prepare to party all night.

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