What to do in Paris, a stroll through the Museum of the Sewers

The museum in the sewers of Paris, perhaps truly one of the strangest museums of the world ( but I think the Icelandic Museum Phallogicall beats it ) , has an indisputably scientific intent, to illustrate the operation of one of the largest and most efficient sewage systems in the world.

Sewers Museum

Sewers Museum

Scientific and historical also, because without the development of adequate sanitation, London would still be prey to the black plague, and Rome, without its Cloaca Maxima, most likely would have been the state of the small village of brawler shepherds.

Even though, I’m sure, is more curious to see the places described by Victor Hugo in his Les Miserables (or Eco in his Foucault pendulum ) to push the majority of visitors down into the sewers , and deal with the smell ( this is also true).

Of the more than 2,000 miles of sewers , if you can visit about 500 meters , which you can run it in an hour, reading interesting information , in English or in French , in ten minutes, if you do not know the languages ​​, or you cannot resist the smell.

The entrance to the museum is located near the Pont de l’ Alma, also near the underpass where August 31, 1997 Diana died in a car accident. A different route, to be offered to children when they become restless while being in all the museums of Paris, or when it’s raining outside and it’s cold. Open from 11:00 to 17:00 (up to 16:00 in winter) .

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