What to Do and See in London Bridge

The London Bridge – one of London’s iconic landmark, spanning the River Thames and connecting the City of London and Southwark. You have probably crossed it so many times before and chimed in to the song about the bridge falling down yet probably know so little about it. Did you know that the London Bridge is full of interesting attractions and surprises?

The bustling area around the bridge is full of bars, hotels, restaurants and many tourist attractions. The historic City of London on the north side of the River Thames, as well as the Bankside and the Tower of London, is just a quick walk away from bridge.

London Bridge

London Bridge also has an excellent public transport links, the London Bridge station. This central London railway terminal connects London Underground station in Southwark. From there, you can reach Kent, Sussex and South London as well Gatwick and Luton airports.


If you’re in for some afternoon walk, the London Bridge offers great views. On a pleasant day, you can cross on the bridge’s east side and get a wonderful view of the Tower Bridge in the distance as well as the City Hall and HMS Belfast. If it turns out to be a really bad weather, you can take the Northern line using the train side interchange. You will have The Shard, Western Europe’s tallest building, towering over you as you walk across the bridge. It has three levels near the top which can give you the best views across London.

London The Shard

If you’re looking for a fun and frightening experience, visit the terrifying London Bridge Experience nearby. This fun-filled tourist attraction will take you to back to an adventure of uncovering the dark secrets beneath the world famous bridge. You’ll have the opportunity to revisit its 2000 years of history – seeing, hearing and even smelling what the London Bridge was like throughout the ages.

The Shard

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