UK Travelling Tips for First-time Visitors

If you are travelling to the United Kingdom for the first time, thinking you will spending much is not an understatement. However, there are effective ways to maximising your holiday in the UK without having to cost you much quid. The key here is to having a background of the place you are visiting.

Make Advance Reservations 

If you are planning to go to England in summer, it helps to prepare your itinerary months ahead. See to it that you already have accommodation plans as early as January since summer is a busy season and tourists will be flocking there by that time. Apart from accommodation, you might also want to book for your airline tickets well in advance. Search the internet for special rates and try to wait for good deals before buying. Better yet, consider travelling in April or September.


Do not Stay in the City

Holidaying in the UK is not complete if you will not be visiting London but this does not mean you should stay there if you want to save money and enjoy the lovely sights of England. You might be pondering to spend a day in the city but exploring the countryside and the hamlets is what England is all about. Visit off-the-beaten paths in the UK to experience a memorable holiday.


Stay in B&Bs

Hotels in the UK can be expensive. Moreover, you can learn more about the people and the culture if you go for a Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Although you will not get full service you can experience in hotels, B&Bs are practical, convenient, comfortable and more personal. You can learn from your hosts and even make new friends.


Join a Guided Tour

Another practical way to experiencing the UK and ensuring you visit the best tourist destinations as a first-time traveller is by joining a guided tour even for a day. The tour guide can bring you to interesting landmarks and museums you might not discover on your own.

Visiting the UK is one of the travel experiences you should have in your lifetime. It is rich in history and culture but it can also be expensive unless you plan ahead.


Photos by: Richard MorossBen CreminKaren Roe

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