Travel Trends to Expect in 2015

With 2015 in full swing, you could be wondering where your next vacation would be. Cuba might be part of your list, especially if you haven’t stepped foot on it before. But because travelling is more than just the destination, expect plenty of changes in the travel and tourism sector, including the hospitality industry. So what trends can you expect to see in 2015?


Travel for Wellness

With more people spending their vacation in health spas and resorts, the billion dollar spa industry is sure to grow in the coming year. Asia, for one, has the largest number of spas, making it a destination for wellness. Health retreats would also be the trend in 2015 and the activities most people would indulge in would include python massages (yes, you read that right), fish pedicures and a host of other spa treatments.


Improved Air Travel

Airline passengers always have something to complain about whenever they fly, whether they’re the aggrieved party or the one causing the aggravation. With flight attendants dishing the dirt on unbelievable and gross passenger behavior, and people taking their complaints to social media, 2015 will see a major change in airline etiquette, from the ground to up in the cabin. Seat layouts are sure to be improved, and safety will become the topmost of the top priorities. It is likely that travelers will see less of disruptive passengers and disrespectful crew.


Better Accommodation

Not because you book a cheap hotel, doesn’t mean you have to put up with bad service and worse facilities. Well, you can stop worrying about this kind of experience come 2015, because guest experience will be improved to excellence. The rentals you book will be similar to a hotel, with quality service to boot. If low-end accommodation want to survive this year, they are likely to improve their offers as well.


Photos by: Robert Couse-BakerTara Angkor HotelPaul StockerReiner Kraft

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