Travel Trends for 2015: Be in the Know

Although trends come and go, doing what’s in and what’s hip at the moment doesn’t really hurt if you know what you’re doing. When it comes to travel, trying out what’s in fashion will only keep you informed, enhance your experience and take your enjoyment to a whole new level. So be in the know what to expect from the tourism industry in 2015.


Rates could go up

Because of the recovering global economy, airfares and hotels rates could be on the rise next year, especially for first-class and upscale accommodation and services. This does not mean though that you settle for something cheap; it just means that you should start searching for the best deals as early as you can, if you’re thinking of traveling.


Mobile access will be on demand

Booking flights and hotels online has become the norm for a few years now. And because of the convenience that mobile services has offered, frequent flyers are expecting to have more apps that allow them to make all their travel transactions online through their smartphones and tablets, from booking airlines to choosing tour packages.


Personalization will be key

Tailor-made tours and experiences will no longer be accessible to only the rich and famous. There will be customized journeys and services that will match every traveler’s needs and budget. Everyone wants personalization in life, and travel is not an exemption.

Sustainability will gain more traction


Although it’s not something new in travel, sustainable holidays are gaining more and more attention. This is why there are now more hotels and lodges offering more eco-friendly services and initiatives while restaurants are promoting local ingredients and products. And car rental companies will have more hybrid options.

Wearable travel gadgets will go mainstream

Globetrotters have become increasingly connected to the internet through various mobile devices. The Apple Watch, for example, will be in demand by 2015 as it is expected to go on sale.

Watch out for companies catering for these travel trends next year and make your holidays well worth it. For other relevant tips, check out the rest of the blog.

Photos by: Kate Ter HaarBruce TutenMichael CoghlanKevin Dooley

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