Travel Resolutions to Make Your 2015 Holidays More Worthwhile

Every year, we make new resolutions. But unfortunately, also every year, the lots of us forget or break them.

Travel enthusiasts, however, are different as they often follow through with bucketlists and dream destinations. It doesn’t matter if there’s more will than money; they will always find a way to go wherever that is they desire.


If you are one who’s having a hard time thinking about what travel resolutions to set for the year, here’s a number you might want to reflect on.

Fight the urge to unnecessarily flaunt travel exploits, long-winded stories and travel selfies.

Travel for the purpose of experiencing and learning, not for showing off where you can go, what you can do and how much you can afford.


Travel with little to no expectations.

Strive to travel fearlessly, free of any preconceived prospect or idea. You’ll experience more and greater adventure when you open yourself up to the serendipity of traveling.

Be more mindful of your time with technology.

Do not let your smartphones and tablets get in the way of meeting new friends and interesting locals when traveling. Bask completely in the experience of being out of your hometown. It’s not everyday you get a chance to experience a side of the world that’s completely foreign to yours.


Integrate traveling into your life more.

Traveling will do you good in a lot of ways. Not only will it help you stay active physically and mentally, it can also perk up your spirituality and interest in life.

Take all vacations allotted to you and grab any extra day off you can.

Every worker has vacation and travel rights. Resolve to speak out for yours.

Hopefully, these resolutions do help make your 2015 travels a whole lot more meaningful. And hopefully, you’ll stick to them until the year ends.


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