Travel Innovations in 2014 That Will Make a Difference in Your 2015 Vacations

Smartphone apps dedicated for travelers have made lives easier and more convenient. Everything is literally at your fingertips, from booking a flight to confirming your room reservations. The good news is the travel industry didn’t stop at just mobile apps. Are you aware of the many travel innovations in 2014 that will change the way you travel?


In-flight Wi-Fi

Yes, rather than turn off your laptop or other mobile gadgets when the airplane takes off, you now have the option to stay connected with Wi-Fi onboard. Not all airlines offer this essential service, however. And some who do offer it could charge you as much as $40 a day. If you really need to work or check emails while flying, the choice to enjoy this service for a fee or free is up to you. Just hope you’ll get lucky to stay connected free of charge.


Marriott Teleporter

It’s not a teleporter per se, but it might as well be. The two virtual reality teleporters that the company debuted in New York is part of a marketing stunt to attract customers. What it does is to give you an almost real experience if you travel to Maui, from the island music to the crashing waves. Close your eyes and you can almost touch and feel Maui. Your virtual reality experience in the Teleporter is likely to send you packing.


Bluesmart Carry-On Suitcase

With the Bluesmart Carry-On Suitcase, losing your luggage would be minimized, if not eliminated. But this is not all it can do. As the first luggage to connect to your smartphone, it is equipped with some nifty features, including a digital lock, proximity sensors, location tracking, trip-tracking information, built-in digital scale and a built-in battery that lets you charge your phone 6 times over. What more can you ask for?


Photos by: Angelo DeSantisJen KnoedlClintus and Katy Warner

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