Top 5 Seafood Destinations in Southeast Asia

Asians are natural seafood lovers, and it should not be surprising to find many seafood dishes with Asian flair. Here we name only five of the most famous destinations for the best tasting seafood recipes.


Malaysia, more specifically Penang, is a spice-loving country. Its seafood dishes splashed with an aromatic blend of spices makes them more appetizing than they already are. Try Assam Laksa, Hokkien Mee and even Curry Mee in any one of the amazing restaurants of Penang.



The waters of the Philippines, an archipelagic nation, are some of the richest in marine life. The Filipinos, however, generally like their freshest seafood simple and raw – eaten dipped in spiced vinegar with a dash of salt. However, the people are likewise into gourmet seafood dishes as in the case of seafood-rich Chopsuey, Spicy Gambas, and Escabeche.

South Korea


South Korea’s seafood consumption is so huge that it needs to import some of its supplies from its neighbors China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan, and even get them from as far as Chile and the US. South Korea is famous for its crab dishes, grilled fish, and seafood stews with the ever-popular red bean paste.



Vietnam is another Southeast Asian country famous for its seafood cuisine. They have tons of shrimp recipes in salads, pastas, rice and soups. Fish sauce and shrimp paste are actually main ingredients to any Vietnamese recipe along with the usual herbs and spices. The people are so addicted to achieving yin-yang to their cooking, which literally makes every dish a perfectly balanced treat.



You have to give the Japanese extra credit for their love of seafood. After all, they are the original creators of the well-loved sushi and sashimi. The Japanese take seafood dishes more seriously than anyone else, and they even created a craft out of rolling those dainty, pretty rolls that are now essential part of any Japanese meal.

If you happen to visit any one of these Southeast Asian countries, or anywhere else for that matter, you can be sure to feast on some of the finest and freshest seafood dishes.

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