Top 3 London Museums You Should Visit

If you’re one of those travellers who are also interested in culture and arts, a visit to the museum should be in your itinerary. And when you’re headed to London, make that 2 or 3 museums as the City of Opportunity houses the best museums in the planet.

Charles Dickens Museum

It’s one of the contemporary museums that are still very popular among local and foreign tourists today.  The Charles Dickens Museum not only offers a glimpse into British literary history with its more than ten thousand artefacts, it also provides a look into the personal life of this literary genius. Furniture pieces from his old residence on Doughty St. are also on display at the museum so you get to see the remnants where he wrote some of his masterpieces including Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickelby.

Photos by: WikimediaDocumentary / Interior and architectural photography

Photos by: Wikimedia

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