Top 3 Glamping Destinations You NEED to Visit in This Lifetime

So you’ve probably heard of the word “glamping” before. It was all the rage some years ago when wealthy travelers and globetrotters demanded that they enjoy luxuries while camping outdoors. As a result, tour agencies and organizers have since catered to their needs.

But do you really understand what glamping is? This is a portmanteau of the words glamorous and camping. Combine those two and you have camping with style and elegance. So yes, you still get to stay in tents, huts or yurts and in the outdoors, but without sacrificing comfort and luxury. This means that you may be staying in a tent, but you won’t have to sleep in a place that’s cold and uncomfortable. Instead, you’ll have heated accommodation, first-class services, private pools and Jacuzzis, secluded locations, guided tours and so much more.


If you want to experience glamping, then here are three of the top destinations around the world:


Of course, this is the perfect place to go camping because this is where you get up close and personal with nature. But if you want more comfort, then there are also glamping operators that offer posh camping accommodation and world-class services in Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique, to name a few.


The Caribbean and Latin America

There’s probably no better way of enjoying boutique camping than being on close to the ocean. You can check try Mexico, Dominica, Chile, Ecuador or Nicaragua, among others. These places have glam camping sites that offer everything from eco-tents to luxury lodges and log cabins. Then, you can enjoy fishing, hiking, mountain trailing and many other activities that will definitely give you an experience of a lifetime.


The United States of America

You don’t really need to go far from home to enjoy some comfy camping. There’s Montana, which has gorgeous landscapes that will surely leave you breathless. Here, you’ll get to engage in exciting activities like hiking, horseback riding, fishing and many more. Central Florida’s Westgate has heated and air-conditioned tents, which means that you can camp any time of the year. Since it’s also a short drive to major cities, you can check out other tourist spots if you wish to. Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina and New York also have sites you should try out soon.

 If you’re thinking of going to Europe, Southeast Asia or Australia, they too have glamping destinations worth exploring.

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