The World’s Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions – Part 1

The danger factor in travel is perhaps what keeps tourists thrilled and excited. Well, there are travel destinations that are dangerous simply because of bad elements in the area. And then there are attractions that are labeled as dangerous simply because they offer perilous fun, without the crime factor. These are places where travelers put their lives on the line, literally, for the sake of fun and adventure.

Hua Shan Plank Path Walk, China


Many adventurers climb the leap of faith trail in order to get to the mountain top Taoist temples. To get there, tourists anchor themselves onto huge steel chains and balance on top of narrow wood planks clinging to the rock cliffs. The planks and chains are the only things in between the tourists and the abyss.

Volcano Helicopter Tours, Hawaii


The islands of Hawaii are known for their natural splendor. But some tourists take their Hawaiian adventure to an extreme level by riding choppers and touring above active volcanoes. These volcanoes frequently spit red-hot lava in mid-air, and had already killed about 30 people since 1995.

Alnwick Gardens, United Kingdom


Welcome to Poison Ivy’s domain. The Alnwick Gardens hosts a wide range of poisonous and dangerous plants, and yet, many travelers purposely come to see the plants in person. Although visitors are kept at a safe distance, many still faint from inhaling toxic plant fume.

Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome

Already, 60 people have died climbing this mountain. Climbers have to endure a day-long trip up 5,000 feet burning some 10,000 calories, and then ascend further 400 feet of almost vertical rock while clinging to cables. Other casualties in the area are caused by lightning and drowning.

Mount Pinatubo, Philippines


Mount Pinatubo is an active volcano, which erupted without notice in 1991 taking at least 800 lives. A year later, it erupted again and killed 72 others. But the volcano’s seemingly serene landscape, emerald lake, and eerie atmosphere beckon people to come over.

Photos by: Ian ArmstrongAlan LightChrisYabang Pinoy

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