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The National Museum of Marc Chagall Biblical Message in Nice, (maybe) is an exaggeration in the name only, so long and out of the ordinary, which everyone calls it, more simply, the Chagall Museum.

Marc Chagall Museum

Marc Chagall Museum

The museum has been designed, created and opened (it was in 1973) while the artist was still alive (Chagall died in 1985). The high-sounding name comes from the series of seventeen paintings illustrating the biblical message (episodes of the books of Genesis, Exodus and the Song of Songs.), Works by Chagall, who gave the same to the French State in 1966, and now on display in this museum in Nice.

Chagall himself, and could not be otherwise, provided detailed instructions on exposure and location to be given to his works, which do not follow the chronological order of their creation, but rather designed by the great spiritual master.

Since its creation, the museum’s collection has grown while being enriched, and what was to be a museum dedicated to the biblical message, has increasingly become the Museum of Marc Chagall, which can now boast of exposing one of the largest and finest collections of works by the artist.

It is a museum to human dimensions, which allows us to understand and learn about the work of this great artist, but also leaves time to enjoy the city. On the inside, there is also a nice garden and a bar to grab a coffee. All the information, in a variety of languages can be found on the official website of the museum.


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