The Extreme Things You Can Do in Israel

If you think that you cannot do much when you visit Israel, then you might be extremely wrong. Here are some extreme sports you can do in Israel.


Doing this above the coastline of Israel might be the best experience you will ever have in your life. Learning how to paradive is not an ordinary thing to do. There is a paradive jump school located close to the Habonim Beach which is across the Carmel mountain range. This school is actually the largest in the country.



If you have that exciting urge to fly, another interesting sport you can choose is paragliding . Add to it another which is equally exciting but requires better skills is the hand gliding. It is more difficult because the speed is slower and you should learn to land in small fields. It’s ideal in Israel because of the weather conditions which makes it possible to soar favorably throughout the year. The country has prided itself of its twenty five official aerial sports launch pads. The Manara Cliff in Upper Galilee is among those which are popular.



This take on parkour is the favorite of the urban anarchists who also term the sport as freerunning. This sport is of French origin and is characterized by utilitarian discipline which is noncompetitive. This only uses the body and its natural capacity to go through routes set with obstacles. It is mostly the teenagers who are practicing this and have made the city their jungle in concrete.


Surfing safari

This is also available in Israel because of its beautiful beaches throughout the year. The waters of the Mediterranean are just along the coastline where waves would usually be high. A lot of windsurfers usually visit as there are several surf schools. This can be likened to Hawaii because of its sandy beaches and waters that are shallow but can give you a sufficient swell.


Photos by: israel21c_internalDan ZelazoJudith Anenberg and Surfing The Nations

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