The Dutdutan Tattoo Festival 2013 Manila

This year, on the 28th and the 29th of September, was held in Manila on Dutdutan Tattoo Festival, one of the highlights of the season for tattoo enthusiasts. It arrived in the capital of the Philippines, from all over the world, including Europe (fed the German representation).

Dutdutan Tattoo Festival 2013

Dutdutan Tattoo Festival 2013

The two-day tattoos, with stands and final competition were up to elect the best artist of the event – it was held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, which is located within the large area known as the CCP, Cultural Center of the Philippines, wanted by Marcos, home to several huge buildings, destined to host events ranging from dance to classical music and the great fairs.

There were so many onlookers who wandered among the very dark atmosphere of this festival tattoo, but also many fans, who decided to add another tattoo on their body.

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