Terrifying truths about air travel

It is statistically proven that the plane is the safest way of transport. Nevertheless, is what causes the greatest fear for most people. If you already have a fear of air travelling, you will find the following facts scary, but keep in mind that it will ultimately affect a safe landing at your destination.

Air Travel

Air Travel

The 11 terrifying minutes

Whatever you do, it would be good, three minutes after takeoff and eight minutes before landing to not sleep and be alert. It has been shown that in these 11 minutes the 80% of aviation accidents and this time the crew instructions are more stringent.

A trip with a toddler on your knees, can be fatal

Most people do not want to spend the extra money for putting their baby into its own seat, but prefer to have it on their lap during the flight. There is an approved safe place for children and surely your hands are not able to keep the child safe during sudden turbulence. Kids can easily escape from the hands of a parent and these innocent accidents can be fatal for infants. Promote safety by paying for an extra seat.

The turbulence may get worse

If you feel that a flight has been more turbulent than usual, then it is not your imagination. Scientists say that the rate of moderate or extreme turbulence prevailing on transatlantic flights can be increased from 10 to 40% by mid century, due to rising levels of carbon dioxide, so fasten your seatbelts well.

Air Travel

Air Travel

The plane is dirty and has germs

The planes fly today with tighter schedules and there is no time for a thorough cleansing before a flight. Since flu viruses can survive for days, airplanes can become a germ cabin. Make sure to clean the trays of the seats, blankets and take along a pack antibacterial wipes to be sure.

The pilots fall asleep in the cockpit

It has been shown that between 43 and 54% of pilots in Great Britain, Norway and Sweden, have admitted that they slept for some time while flying airplanes. Even worse, one third of them found out that when they woke up, the second pilot was sleeping as well.

Some pilots barely earn a living

We expect doctors, surgeons and pilots are paid well enough to employ them other issues, especially since they are holding human lives in their hands. Unfortunately many pilots are underpaid, especially at regional airlines. Keep in mind that most pilots are paid for their time in the air that does not include time spent to and from the airport, often performing tasks before the flight or waiting hours during delays.

Air Travel

Air Travel

The airlines are cheap with fuel

The measures of cost are becoming more extreme than the airlines. Indeed, according to a frightening survey, some reportedly flying at less than the recommended levels of fuel in an effort to save money. In particular it became known that Ryanair advised pilots to fly slower to save fuel.

You have 90 seconds to escape from a burning plane

You better make sure you know where the exits are during your flight. All aircrafts can be evacuated within 90 seconds, when both are the time it takes a fire to spread along the aircraft. To improve your chances in such a case, wear cotton or non synthetic clothing. The components are flammable and can melt onto your skin. If you’re not sitting five rows in front or behind the emergency exit, then you have a problem.

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