Take a Trip to the Charming City of Marseille

France is such a beautiful, captivating country that continues to draw millions of tourists, thanks to its equally alluring cities. One of the most fascinating cities here is Marseille.

This city was founded by Greek traders some 2,600 years ago. Since then, this city has always been known for its bustling atmosphere. In 2013, Marseille welcomed more visitors at the city was named the year’s European Capital of Culture.


To convince you that the oldest French city is one of the most interesting places to tour around, here are some reasons to ponder:

L’Eglise de Augustins (Augustins Chapel)

If you’re into old churches, then check out the Augustins Chapel across the picturesque Le Vieux Port. This Roman Catholic church was original owned by the Knights Templar.

Chateau d’If

This island fortress is one of the four islands that constitute the Iles du Frioul and is located off the coast of Marseille. It gained fame after the publication of French writer Alexandre Dumas’ book entitled “The Count of Monte Cristo”. From the Old Port, you can take a ferry to the Island of If for a historic tour.

Les Calanques

Les Calanques is a rugged mountain coastline from the south coast of the city to the stunning fishing village of Cassis. This world-famous coastline can be viewed from the Prado beach. You can join a boat tour that will take you along this charming place.


Statue of Mary and Jesus

Outside the Notre Dame de la Garde Basilica is where you will find this powerful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with Jesus in her arms. From here, you’ll also enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Parks Borely

If your idea of a relaxing afternoon is strolling at a park or sitting on the grass just people-watching, then you should head to Parc Borely, classified as one of the Notable Gardens of France y the French Ministry of Culture.


Prado Beach

It’s a great place to check out if you want to enjoy the sun and sand. You can find it just a few kilometers south of the Old Port, along the Mediterranean coast.


Photos by: Selden Vestritines s. and Julien Carnot

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