Take a Dip: Best Beaches in the World According to Travel Channel

Going to the beach almost always finds its way to anyone’s itinerary. Unless you are travelling to the Alps, you would want to check out a destination’s slice of tropical paradise too. The good news is there seems to be no shortage of beaches around the world, some of which have a very distinct characteristic.


Lake Atitlán

Located in Guatemala, Lake Atitlán isn’t your typical ocean beach as it sits on a lake. It is also dubbed by the TravelChannel.com as the “best beach you haven’t heard of yet”, since it is not as well-known as other beaches. It can be aptly considered one of the most unusual beaches as well, what with it being found in the Guatemalan Highlands, surrounded by a mountain range that offers spectacular views.

Now would be the perfect time to visit Lake Atitlán. With lake pollution threatening its existence, it won’t be long before it will no longer be worth swimming in, much less checking out.


Miami Beaches

Beaches in Miami are dubbed by TravelChannel.com as the sexiest beach, since it is perfectly acceptable to wear tiny and skimpy bikinis. If you have always wanted to wear something that leaves little to the imagination, you have the freedom to do so in Miami. Here, you will also find everything that makes a great beach — soft sand, warm waters, and friendly and interesting people.


Red Beach

Located in Santorini, one of the most favorite travel destinations in Greece, it won’t come as a surprise that Red Beach is a must-visit. But it is a category all on its own, what with its crimson and black volcanic sand. Combined with deep indigo waters, it is a truly magical tropical paradise. This is why it is TravelChannel.com’s Best Unusual Beach in 2015.

Take a dip, go scuba diving or just bask under the sun in some of the world’s best beaches.


Photos by: Jeff KubinaJeff MoorheadJames Willamor and jjmusgrove

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