Strange restaurants, Conflict Kitchen in Pittsburgh (or dinner with the enemy)

The Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant in Pittsburgh, which serves only ethnic foods from countries with which the United States is in conflict, whether they are part of the club ‘”axis of evil”, both of which are within the gang rogue states.

Conflict Kitchen

Conflict Kitchen

The restaurant serves only food to take away, a rogue state at a time, changing target every six months. The change in the “enemy” country of the sign of the restaurant, and its menu is well publicized with a party and music coming from the new nation.

The opening was in 2010, which was “celebrated” with Iran, then moved to Afghanistan and then to Venezuela. Currently serves on Conflict and music from Cuba, a sign that the conflict has shifted in the Caribbean.

Among the offerings of the main menu, the “main course”, we find the Yuca in Mojo sauce, offered at $ 6, and the ropa vieja, which costs $ 7 dollars. Only good words for this take-out, where the “ice cream of Mary”, costs just $ 2.

Beyond the particularity of this restaurant, there is a project that tries to involve the customers in discussions about countries, cultures and people, which in the United States, where the patriotic rhetoric is very strong and you know very little.

So it is not advertising (or perhaps, it’s not just advertising), but also a way to learn about different countries and distant cultures, if not hostile, which normally find little space in the USA. Next meeting will be with North Korea ; )

Photo:Wikimedia Commons.

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