Refresh Body and Soul with a Continental Detox Break

In the same way that a motor car’s carburettor needs regular cleaning to make the vehicle run smoothly, so our bodies benefit immensely from a good detoxification blast. Just a short, sharp shock can boost everything from energy levels to skin condition and set you up for the rest of the year.

To derive maximum benefit from a concentrated detox programme, why not consider combining it with a break on the Continent at a luxury spa resort? You can enjoy being pampered while engaging in a structured detox programme designed to flush away all those pollutants that accumulate in our system as a result of everyday breathing, eating and drinking. Here are 3 suggestions for such a refreshing getaway.

Grandhotel Lienz, Austria

First up is a 5 Star treat, the riverside Grandhotel Lienz which lies in the shadow of Austria’s tallest mountain, the Grossglockner. In this magnificent setting, guests can enjoy a comprehensive range of wellness treatments backed up by medical professionals who provide detailed health assessments covering everything from organ function to bone condition. Here you can enjoy top class cuisine interspersed with your recommended detox programme.

The hotel is particularly proud of its sauna area where various types of soothing and purifying saunas can be enjoyed. To experience even deeper relaxation, massages and full beauty treatments are available.

Bagni di Pisa Palace & Spa, Italy

Across the border in Italy you will find the equally impressive Bagni di Pisa Palace famed for the thermal springs once enjoyed by the Dukes of Tuscany. Conveniently situated just 4 miles from Pisa, this resort also has qualified medical professionals on its staff and, at the beginning of your stay, they will conduct a thorough assessment of your needs and will draw up a programme consisting of suggested diet, nutraceutics and physical treatments all designed to achieve a comprehensive detox and, where required, weight-loss.

Amathus Hotel

Amathus Hotel

Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol, Cyprus

Those who prefer a seaside location for their detox in the sun need look no further than the Amathus Beach Hotel in Cyprus, accredited as one of the Leading Spas of the World. This superbly appointed resort hotel provides a choice of four, seven or fourteen day detox retreats as part of its Health Inspire Detox Programme. Its team of dieticians and nutritionists conduct personalised assessments aimed at tailoring the optimal rejuvenation programme for your stay. This is a four stage process involving nutrition, wellness, repose and fitness and is designed to achieve personal goals ranging from weight loss to stress relief.

The really good news is that none of these programmes are designed along the lines of a prison camp regime. On the contrary, the food and facilities are ultra-luxurious and, as they like to describe themselves, they are simply resorts where holidays come naturally. Do you know what kind of spa aficionado you are? To find out why not take this Travel Personality Quiz on our website:!  You might even win a £500 Spafinder Wellness 365 gift voucher – ideal for that beautifully relaxing break!

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