Reasons Hikers Are the Best Friends and Travel mates You’ll Ever Have

There are several types of people you need to surround yourself with. And some of the best ones you should have in your life are hikers. This is especially true if you are one who loves traveling and could use a travel buddy whom you can easily get along with.

Take a look at the reasons hikers make for the best friends and travel companions.

Hikers are usually optimistic, but are down for anything.


Wise and experienced hikers never set out for a trek without a plan. Of course, they’ll need to estimate the number of hours they need to hike each day, decide which campsite to stay and plan how much food to bring. They can be OC with their preparations, but they know their plans are not set in stone, so they are always open for some change of routes or last minute decisions. Most of all, they’ll also prepare for unfortunate events like rain, snow, calloused feet, etc.

Hikers are virtually fuss-free.


For one, hikers are usually low maintenance and selfless. They can also survive not brushing their teeth or not having no toilet paper. They’re not picky with their food either. Plus, they have this level of appreciation for anything and everything.

Hikers are great at encouraging people.


Hikers or trekkers love meeting people, which means that they talk to anyone about their experiences. This inspires and encourages others to follow suit. Aside from that, this kind of people will readily offer a genuinely caring thought, helping you develop a great sense of self.

Hikers are carefree and bold.


If you’re one to never back down to an adventure, then you need to travel with hikers. They love to do crazy things, be it climb steep mountains or go canyoneering. They never let a dull moment ruin their mood, so they don’t sit all day and watch online games on their phones. Instead, they make it their life’s mission to travel and discover the world. With all these in mind, treasure the hikers in your life.

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