Popular Destination Choices for Retirement

Already thinking of powdery beaches, sun tans, and a glass of pinacolada in one hand? Your retirement may still be far off but it never hurts to be prepared as early as now. Here some of the popular destinations perfect for retirement:


Topping the list, there are about 50,000 expats from the U.S. who chose to spend their days on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, of the white sands of Panama, just three hours away from Miami. Not only do they get to maximize their spending money, they also feel a sense of belongingness to the place. It offers retirement benefit packages for qualified people who want to retire and live there so long as their pension is around $1,000. Properties are cheaper as opposed to those in Europe and other countries and the cost of living is low.



Counties in the south-west of England such as Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Cornwall are just some of the ideal places for retirees should you choose this country. The standard of living is generally lower than big UK cities and crime rates are lower too. Add to it the natural beauty of English countryside, retirees will certainly have a worthwhile retirement.



Another American expat destination that is becoming popular with all the perks one can enjoy. Retirees who want to experience 12 hours of daylight and live in houses with low rentals can opt to go to Cuenca, a colonial city, for not over $500. Since 2014, expats can now be part of the healthcare system through the Social Security Administration. Spanish is the first language, though.



For those who want to have a taste of a different culture and be in an exotic country, there are many destinations in Asia that are worth checking out. Aside from the beautiful people and rich culture, retirees will enjoy free tax if the income comes from overseas. The cost of living is so low that a simple lunch can be enjoyed for only $1. Life here is also simple and there are many entertainment centers to enjoy, especially at night.


Photos by: Charlie LeuJR PGeee Kay and Chi King

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