Planning to Visit Brazil? Make Sure to Try These Mouthwatering Foods!

Brazil is becoming more and more popular to tourists. This is particularly true for those who love soccer and want to witness the action-packed soccer matches in Brazilian stadiums. This is also the case for those who love the water and have been dreaming of the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

But, if you’re planning to spend your vacation in Brazil, don’t just focus on sports and swimming. To make the most of your trip, make sure to explore the Brazilian cuisine and sample the mouthwatering local foods. These include:


If you love fish or seafood, this is the perfect choice for you. Moqueca is a stew that’s made with fish or shrimp, onions, tomatoes, and coriander. Depending on where you’re eating, the stew may also have annatto seeds (which give the dish a red color) or coconut milk (which makes it creamier and heavier).



Feijoada is considered to be the national dish, and one spoonful will make you understand why. It’s made with black beans, sausages, and generous cuts of beef or pork and is hearty enough to fill you right up. Eat it with rice and farofa (fried cassava flour) to enjoy a fantastic mix of flavors and textures.

Governo do Estado e Prefeitura promovem feijoada no Calabar Na foto: Autora: Carol Garcia / AGECOM


This is a great thing to have when you’re in the mood for something fried and heavy. It’s basically a ball made of crushed black-eyed peas and onions, which is deep-fried then stuffed with shrimp and other yummy ingredients. When you get an acaraje, make sure to eat it while it’s piping-hot to fully enjoy its taste.



Pasteis is a type of deep-fried pastry that’s filled with cheese, beef, fish, or any other delicious ingredient. Bite into one to crunch on its crispy, flaky goodness and tickle your taste buds with its hot, scrumptious filling.

These are just some of the foods you should try when you’re vacationing in Brazil. Make sure to sample them and complete your Brazilian trip!


Photos by: Luca NebuloniFotos GOVBABen Sutherland, and Thomas Hobbs

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