Perfect Airports for the Weary and Frustrated

At some point in your life as a traveler, you’re going to get stuck in the airport for hours or even days. Good enough if you have money to pay for a hotel, where you can wait comfortably until your flight becomes available. But if you don’t have the moolah, you can only pray that you are traveling to these places when you get stranded in the airport:



Apart from being the undisputed home of the blues and jazz, Chicago is also home to the Chicago Midway Airport. With its padded seats, Wi-Fi access and power stations, getting stuck here won’t be as uncomfortable. However, if you prefer to really lie down and get comfortable, there is a room next to Gates A4A and A4B that is furnished with cots that stranded passengers can use. Beds come with blankets and pillows too.


San Francisco

There is no room filled with cots in the San Francisco International airport, but there are benches available where you can stretch and get some shuteye. You can also head out to the Berman Reflection Room, which is primarily designed for quiet self-reflection and meditation. You can doze on and off while meditating in this center until 11pm. If you want to take meditation to a spiritual level, you can also check out the airport church.



The Changi Airport in Singapore is probably the best airport to be stranded in, because it offers some of the best free options. There are free rest areas that are decked out with the comforts that are non-existent in most airports, including specially designed leather snooze chairs. Then, there’s the Rainforest Lounge where you can take a bath, get toiletries and a warm drink, all for $8. Delayed flights are often a nightmare, but not in these airports. Spending your layover here is not even a problem, especially in the Changi Airport.


Photos by: St StevTravelingOttercaccamoAkihito Kobayashi

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