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Travelers might want to get a visa if they want to visit, work, or live in another country that requires one (e.g., the United States). The word “visa” stems from the Latin phrase “charta visa” and, when translated literally, means “paper that has been seen.” This piece of paper (rather, it is a stamp on a passport or other travel document nowadays) allows those who wish to travel to remain in other countries for a limited time. It is common for each individual country to establish their own conditions for how long a visitor can stay for or how many trips the visitor’s visa is valid for. Although a visa usually grants permission into another country, a visitor may not be allowed to stay in the country should an immigration officer find something wrong with his or her records or feels he or she may have intentions of moving into the country illegally. In other words, this permission can be revoked at any time.

In the past, visitors used to be able to apply for a visa right after they get off the plane and receive an assessment from an immigration official. However, it is likely that most applicants have to apply in advance, whether by doing so in person, by mail or online. The visa itself may be in the form of a document, a stamp, or electronic authorization. Some countries do not require a visa if the traveler plans on visiting for a short amount of time. Furthermore, rather than applying to enter a country, some travelers have to get a visa in order to leave their country of origin. This type of visa is called an “exit visa.”

Out Of Country Sabbaticals

Out Of Country Sabbaticals

There are three main methods to apply for a visa. The most common method is to apply online. For example, if applying for a US visa, applicants should head over to travel.state.gov and click on “TRY OUR VISA WIZARD” icon to get started on their visa application. The Visa Wizard will then ask the applicant “what country or authority issued his or her passport?” and “what is the applicant’s purpose of travel?” The wizard will then determine what kind of visa suits the applicant’s needs the most. It is fairly straightforward after this step.

However, there are a few limitations on applying online. First, it is not always guaranteed that the applicant will be able to obtain a visa (regardless the results displayed on the website). Second, there are many legal requirements the applicant must meet in order to qualify for a visa. Third, the Visa Wizard does not include every single type of visa available.

The other two methods include applying in person and applying via mail. Each of these methods has their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, in person, the application process may be quick and painless. Furthermore, being able to ask questions to a person has the benefit of learning about all kinds of visas especially if applying for a green card for one’s parents. However, travel may be costly and time consuming. In addition, the applicant may have to make multiple commutes if he or she happens to forget or have yet to obtain an important document necessary for the application. In contrast, application by mail rids the applicant of the need to commute but can take a long time.

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