One night at the airport of Helsinki | Where the new lounge has also free beds

Sometimes it happens, rarely by choice, having to spend a night at the airport, due to the icy slopes, jump coincidences, sudden strikes or misunderstandings with our companions. If it really must happen, best to avoid it happen in Manila, Bergamo , Kolkata, Islamabad or Paris Beauvais, who according to Sleeping in Airports guide would stop at the absolute worst where to wait till the sun rises. The airports where instead arrive at breakfast time is not traumatic but perhaps would be nice instead of those of Singapore Changi, Seoul Incheon, Amsterdam Schiphol, Hong Kong and Helsinki.

Helsinki airport

Helsinki airport

And just about Helsinki Vantaa (the Finnish capital’s airport, located about 15 kilometers north of the city center), some recent news helps us understand how we never called this one of the 5 best in the world in terms of night shelters. In fact, just in Helsinki was announced the imminent opening of a new lounge with free relaxation area which  is open 24 hours a day and equipped with 24 mini suites. Open 24 hours a day also is the relaxation area with armchairs chaise longue to sleep, get some rest or work on the computer.

For those traveling by day (and are willing to pay) is the Almost @ home Lounge , fully fitted and furnished as a large living room with sofas , armchairs , design objects , hot drinks and books to pass the time .

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