Men, Women and Travel: On the Differences

Going on vacation won’t always be honey and sunshine, or at least some part of it. So it is common to read about people complaining about their trip, accommodation, airline, food, etc. Before you take their word for it, however, you might want to check if the author is male or female. Apparently, gender differences can affect an individual’s travel experience. Since men and women are never the same, expect one to be okay with one thing and hate the other.


So what’s the real score on men, women and travel?

On making travel plans

Women are more into research and taking note of a number details, which is why it is not a surprise that they prefer to plan their trip all by themselves. They also pack first and make reservations later. Men, on the other hand, do the opposite. They would prefer for someone else to do the planning on their behalf. Most married men rely on their spouse or mate to do the work. Others would rather let a travel operator do it. The first thing they want to get done is booking a hotel.


On business or pleasure

Most women travel to take a break and get away from it all. Going on vacation gives them the excuse to have fun and explore. If men were to go on a foreign trip, however, it would usually mean business, although not strictly. Even with an increase of female business travelers, their numbers still fall short as opposed to men.


On leaving an itinerary

Not that men couldn’t care less, but they are not big on telling family members about their itinerary. The fact that they prefer to travel alone should say something about their choice to tell someone where they are going. Women do just the opposite, as should be expected. They are highly likely to leave details about their trip.

What travel is to women, is not necessarily the same to men.

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Photos by: Anne Worner,  N i c o l a, D. Zampiron and Garry Knight.



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