Mecca is preparing for the holy Hajj of 2013

The Hajj, the sacred pilgrimage that every believer should be undertaken at least once in your life , this year’s celebration will culminate on the 13th of October, but there are already 2 million faithful who have invaded Mecca , the capital of Islam.


SAUDI-RELIGION-ISLAM-HAJJ  Great are the security measures taken by the authorities of Saudi Arabia, taken to the field to counter possible terrorist attacks, such as to maintain order among the faithful, and to prevent such tragic events linked to the simultaneous presence of so many people in one place. End point of the pilgrimage is the Ka ʿ ba, the cubic building, inside which is housed an ancient well that, before the arrival of Islam, was used to collect the blood of sacrificial victims.


The hope of the faithful, is to receive a strip of Kiswa , the precious black fabric which includes numer the Ka ʿ ba, that at the end of the celebration is cut into pieces and distributed among the faithful who kept as a relic .

MeccaFrom this year was also installed a new raised path to allow even the faithful with disabilities, to walk the canonical 7 laps around the Ka ʿ ba .

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