Mainland Greek – The Less Traveled Part of Greece

When you say Greece, you might immediately think of the lovely Greek islands such as the honeymoon destination Santorini and the windsurfing capital Paros. But Greece has so much to offer than just its Greek islands. Mainland Greece exudes in traditional splendor with its tranquil fishing towns, archeological sites, magnificent coastline and majestic mountains.

 Macedonia is where east meets west.

This historic Mainland Greece boasts of the gloriously snow-covered Mt. Olympus, as well as the mountains of Pangaio and Falakro. The mountain regions of Macedonia are excellent spots for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding.


Attica, home of the world-renowned Acropolis, is the center of ancient Greek religion.

This part of Mainland Greece hosts key archeological sites and tourists spots including the Argosaronic Gulf and the Temple of Poseidon.

Roumeli or Central Greece is full of archeological finds and treasures.

It is likewise dotted with densely forested mountains and bodies of fresh waters that abound in both flora and fauna. Indulge in its picturesque coastal villages, alluring islets, and rich fishing grounds where you get to taste bottarga, a Greek delicacy awarded with a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). Bottarga is a seafood product made from the eggs of a grey mullet.


Thrace is one of Mainland Greece’s popular destinations for adventure seekers and daredevils alike.

It offers some of the most unspoiled natural wonders such as mountain ranges, islands, rivers, lakes, dense forests and also white sandy shores. Aside from being a recreation and exploration site, Thrace is also an archeological site highlighting ancient cultures of both Christians and Muslims.

Another equally enchanting location in Mainland Greece is Thessaly, where mountains and seas meet.

Visit Meteora, dubbed as the most photogenic religious location in Greece. Checkout spiritual structures like monasteries and churches, and immerse in the beauty of Volos, a stone-built village with vast olive orchards, thick forests and verdant orchards found in Mt. Pelion.


If you love Thessaly, you’ll love Epirus even more.

This beautiful Mainland Greece state is home to the unspoiled Pindos mountain ranges covered with virgin forests, unforgiving terrain and home to the mystical Dragon Lakes. Epirus is likewise a popular destination for all kinds of adventure sports including mountaineering, biking, climbing, hiking, kayaking, rafting, canoeing and skiing.

When you think about Greece, think beyond the little gems of islands. Visit the beautifully diverse Mainland Greece, where most of the untouched Greek treasures lie waiting to be discovered.


Photos by Nikos KoutoulasalaskapineGorka Palazio and Shepard4711

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