Is Printed Map a Redundancy When You Have Phone App and GPS?

As a modern traveler, you might be equipped with a phone, camera, tablet or laptop that has global positioning on it. Now you might feel confident not losing your way when traveling to an unfamiliar location. However, it may surprise you to know that a printed map remains an important possession for travelers.


Maps Don’t Need Batteries

The most obvious reason why printed maps are essential traveling tools is because they don’t fail you when electronic gadgets do. Maps are readable and useful as it is, without anything else but your ability to read and understand maps.


Maps Don’t Need Internet Connectivity

As a printed map, they are stand-alone mapping tools for telling directions, shortest routes, terrains and landmarks. Even when there’s no Internet connection in your location, your printed map still works perfectly.

Maps Don’t Need Another Tool to be Useful

3659089926_8726e7ee5c_zWhile a compass can be a great accompaniment to a map, you can still use a map without a compass as long as you can spot a landmark or a reference point. Unlike travel apps that don’t work unless they are run with an electronic gadget such as a phone or a tablet, and then connected to an internet.

When you are out of luck while traveling, such that your electronic gadget is low on battery or you cannot hook to a reliable wifi, you can still find your way through the help of a printed map. Printed maps remain useful for travelers, and bringing one in addition to a host of travel apps and GPS-ready electronics is never a redundancy. In fact, it is a great backup plan to bring a printed map with you.


You’ll never know when you’re going to need a map, although they are readily available in most tourist shops and bookstores. You can also download and print a map from the Internet, and then make your personal notes on it.  So next time you travel, bring a printed map with you. What space does a folded paper take in your luggage anyway?

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