Insure your precious holiday

Do you remember to book holiday insurance?

Those of you hiding behind your hands, thinking nooooo, come forward!

This will be a lecture, so bear with me.

Holiday insurance is probably the single most important add-on to any travel plan. If something was to go wrong, then this godsend is what saves you from what can be a huge bill, whether it’s medical or simply for lost baggage. Even in the event of having to cancel your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances, insurance is what will be your first go-to.

Insurance for Holidays

Insurance for Holidays

Most people are too hung up on booking the holiday, arranging their new holiday wardrobe, booking their travel plans to remember insurance, I know I forgot once and had to include it at the last minute! There are things you must remember to book to go alongside your holiday, that you might not even think about at first. Let’s take getting to the airport for example, how are you going do that? Coach, train or drive? I drive every time, and parking at Gatwick airport is one of the first things I book after I’ve confirmed my flight. I’ve used this service so many times now, and have found my airport parking with BCP, that I rarely travel without it. I would recommend driving and parking at the airport to anyone, for cost saving and cutting out stress.

Insurance is something that will be a major stress saver too, because you know you have a safety net. When you’re flying by the seat of your pants, hoping for nothing to go wrong, it’s a recipe for panic and worry, but insurance takes all of that away.

Precious Holiday

Precious Holiday

All you need to do is make sure you declare any pre-existing medical conditions, because if you are taken ill and need to claim, whether it’s due to that condition or not, you may find yourself without cover. Just be up front and you’ll be fine!

Your travel agency will probably try and sell you their policy at the time of booking, whether you do it face to face or over the internet, but I’d suggest kindly declining that offer, and doing a little search of your own. You will more than likely find a suitable policy with low excess charges elsewhere, just get on Money Supermarket and browse your options.

I usually opt for an annual travel insurance policy, because that way I just keep the phone number in my phone, put the certificate in my hand luggage bag, and I forget about it for the year, and it usually works out cheaper than several single trip policies too. This could be an option for you.

Whichever route you go down, never choose the road that means you don’t book any insurance. It simply isn’t a risk worth taking, and a holiday should be worry free, not completely wracked with panic about what could go wrong.

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