Important Physical Preparations for an Extreme Mountaineering Adventure

If you are thinking about going on a mountaineering adventure, then put in mind that it will not be enough to just learn instructions from a guidebook and show up with your gear and equipment. You also have to prepare yourself physically to go the distance, as there will be no quick exits from any side of the mountain. This means you need to spend time and energy to get yourself ready to conquer the challenges this activity brings. Here is what you should do to make sure your body will not fail you when exposed to the extreme conditions in mountaineering:

Build your strength.


Mountaineering does not require power-lifting skills, but a fair bit of strength is surely needed to conquer the peak. If you are not fit enough, a good place to start is bodyweight training, which can include exercises as pull-ups, push-ups, squats, dips and lunges. Once your body becomes comfortable with those exercises, then it is time for you to add some extra weight via a loaded back pack or a weighted vest. You can also get to the gym for some classic weight training.

Increase your stamina.


A key skill in mountaineering is being able to keep alert and moving for hours. Your preparation exercise regimen should include both aerobic and anaerobic endurance training, which includes both high-intensity interval and continuous movement training.

Do some altitude training.


Climbing a mountain is not like other adventure sports, not to mention that it has risk factors. Of course, fitness requirements, such as strength and stamina, are somewhat similar, but with mountaineering, the higher you get, the more difficult your body needs to work. This means that, to increase your efficiency at altitudes, you have to actually train yourself at altitudes, which can be difficult as an option. The good news is, shorter duration climbs will allow you to increase your body’s efficiency through stamina training.


Lastly, remember that even with the best of physical trainings, the real test is still when your boots actually meet the rock, which means the best preparation is… to go climbing! So, climb often and hard, but do it smart.

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