How To Stay Safe While Travelling Abroad

Whenever you leave your safe home, you’re putting yourself at a degree of risk, but this is often more applicable when you’re throwing yourself into an unfamiliar country, with different customs and sometimes higher rates of crime. Although travelling to higher risk destinations can include some of the best experiences you’ve ever had, you can find yourself in some difficult situations. So, prepare yourself for potential culture shock and make sure that you stay safe on your trip abroad.

Foreign Travel Advice has extremely helpful resources on travelling abroad and what to look out for. Here, you can find out the political situation in many countries and be advised on areas to avoid. It’s also fantastic for detailing entry requirements, the money used in the country, potential natural disasters, and the health system.

Do Your Research

The further afield you are, the more likely it is that cultural differences are ginormous. Research polite ways to behave in the country, so you don’t attract any negative attention or offend the locals. If you play by the rules and understand the importance of respecting local norms, you’re less likely to stand out.

Be Wary Outside The Hotel

Carrying your money in a money belt, under your clothing, can help prevent pickpockets taking your cash. Just keep all of your valuables in the hotel safe and don’t take any expensive technology out with you that could single you out as a target for thieves. Make copies of any important documents before you leave and never take the originals with you (bearing in mind the security of your accommodation). If possible, try to blend in as much as you can, and don’t stand out as a tourist.


Be sure to visit a travel nurse at least 3 months before you’re due to leave to receive any vaccines or medication you need for your trip. Most places require a top-up, but check out this resource to see which vaccines you will need, depending on where you’re visiting.

Travel Safe

Travel Safe

Watch Where You’re Walking

Always walk facing the traffic, to avoid car-related crimes, such as people stealing your bag, as they drive past. It’s good to be over-cautious, sometimes, just in case, and it also means you can keep an eye on what the motorists are doing!

Pack Right

Use a packing guide to make sure that you have everything you need. Travel first aid kits are very useful, as is back-up food and water. Not all guides are made equal and you need to choose something that is specific to the area and climate that you’re visiting.

Travel Insurance

Get travel insurance through a reputable company and make sure you read the small print. This will mean that, if you get in trouble, you won’t be left with shockingly hefty bills. Shop around for the best deal, and if you travel regularly, you may be able to get multi-trip cover, which will save you money.

Know Your Numbers

Know how to contact your embassy and have emergency contacts to hand. It’s also useful to know how to dial for the emergency services in the country.

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