How to Prevent Your Kids from Getting Motion Sickness

Motion sickness or seasickness is something that many struggle, hindering people from taking that much-needed trip. There is no permanent cure to motion sickness but some remedies can help minimize its effects, so that it doesn’t bother your kids (and you) as much.


1. Be careful what to feed your children before a trip. This isn’t the time to be adventurous with food. Some food and drinks upset the stomach, so stick to the ones your kids frequently eat.

2. Avoid strong odors during the trip. Certain fragrances, air freshener, food aroma and cigarette smoke can cause nausea and trigger seasickness.

3. Let your kids sit where they can look out the window. The vestibular system (the system that regulates balance and motion) cannot be fooled. When kids are watching a movie, reading a book or simply looking at the back of the front seats, their visual sense doesn’t recognize motion but their vestibular system does, and this causes motion sickness.


4. While you’re at it, roll down the windows so air may circulate freely inside the vehicle.

5. Keep your children seated and avoid unnecessary movements. It’s dizzying to stand up or walk (in trains, planes or ships) while the vehicle is running.

6. Keep your children facing forward to the direction of the vehicle. This allows your kids’ to see what their vestibular system is telling them.

7. Engage your kids in a song or riddle. Anything that entertains them during the trip may help them have a more comfortable journey. Just don’t let them read or play games while traveling because these usually worsens seasickness.


8. If you are on a private vehicle, make quick stops every hour or so. Pull over and let everyone out for some stretching and fresh air.

9. Give your kids OTC medication for motion sickness. These medicines are usually taken an hour before the trip for them to take effect.

10. Don’t let your kids near seasick people. Seeing others nauseous and vomiting may cause your children to feel the same.

Motion sickness doesn’t affect everyone, but when it affects your kids is also affects you. It helps to be prepared to ensure a more enjoyable trip with your kids.

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