How To Find The Perfect Place For A Luxury Stay In Delhi

Delhi today is a booming city full of burgeoning nightlife, centuries old culture, a bustling tourism industry, and many nooks and crannies for travelers to explore. However, if you’re going to plan a trip to this busy destination, you need to decide what kind of hotel you expect to stay in. Delhi boasts some of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Asia that are worth experiencing, not only for the practical purpose of accommodation, but as a vacation in and of itself. Here are a few tips on how to find the perfect hotel in Delhi to make your entire stay a luxurious experience.

1. Read the News

Finding the right luxury hotel is as simple as reading the news. The Imperial best 5 star hotel in Delhi is described by CNN as being an “art deco jewel,” and is praised for its interior architecture and endless luxuries found in each room. Apart from its guests staying in the lap of luxury, the Imperial is known specifically for its pristine aesthetics. Every surface is well maintained and carefully curated right down to its fine art collection. It’s one of the most glamorous destinations in Delhi in which to park your bags, and if you’re an art and architecture buff, this is the perfect hotel for you. It’s all about tailoring your interests to the luxury hotel you choose.

Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel

2. Look at the Amenities

This is also a simple exercise, but it can be surprisingly revealing. Any luxury hotel will offer basic amenities, like spa services or diverse dining options. The name of the game is variety, though. If a hotel states itself to be luxury, but it doesn’t have any kind of selection, then the claim probably isn’t completely valid. When you’re visiting Delhi, you shouldn’t have to eat at the same restaurant more than once. Some travelers enjoy finding one place to dine, and then going back for every meal, but if you’re more adventurous then you need to find a hotel that offers more than just one or two eateries. The highest end luxury accommodations have numerous restaurants on-site that not only offer a variety of options, but also specialize in different kinds of food, whether it be European bistro style entrees or traditional Indian cuisine.

3. Admire the Surroundings

A very good indication that you’ve found a hotel that can offer true luxury is if people visit its grounds and bars when they’re not actually staying there. For example, The Guardian recommends visitors to Delhi stopping by for a drink on the lawn of The Imperial, one of Delhi’s premier luxury hotels that’s famous for a string of palm trees and its art deco architecture. The surroundings of the hotel are so beautiful that it attracts passersby to spend time much in the same way they would a public garden or a high end bar. Some luxury hotels function as attractions all on their own, right alongside nearby museums and public green spaces.

Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel

4. Location, Location, Location

A big question when you decide how to achieve the luxury stay you want in Delhi is exactly what you’d like to do when you’re there. While some travelers opt to go sightseeing for most of the time in Old Delhi, if you’re more interested in shopping and the local nightlife, staying in New Delhi near the downtown area is obviously going to be more preferable. You should take into account what you think you’d like to do outside your hotel, and then base your luxury options on that geographical location.

5. Official Awards and Accolades

This is another deceptively simple tactic, but the fact of the matter is that hotels win awards, and that roster of accolades can give you a very good idea of what type of quality you can expect. For example, Five Star Alliance, a travel agency that books exclusively with luxury hotels, lists The Imperial as being one of the 25 best luxury hotels in Delhi and rates it five stars. Not only that, but the hotel itself has a list of awards on its own website which can be verified, confirming its high standards of cuisine, customer service, and other amenities. If you’re curious about just how luxurious a luxury hotel claims to be, look at the evidence. You may not be able to go and inspect the property in person, but seeing that a reputable publication or review website gave the hotel you’re considering a high rating can help you make a decision about how best to achieve your ideal stay in Delhi. Not all hotels are created equal, but you can find the perfect one with a little research.

Finding a luxury hotel in Delhi isn’t difficult, but finding the right one takes some patience. Make sure to book in advance, because that’s how you’ll find the best rates and know what your options are. A luxury stay in Delhi isn’t only made up of the activities you plan, but also of where you sleep and how you spend your downtime.

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