Here’s How to Get the Lowest Price for Your Hotel

There are lots of ways to help you book the cheapest rate for a hotel. But sometimes, they don’t usually work, or you don’t really follow them. If you want to get the most of your travel budget, then follow these tips to ensure you’ll have the best price and get the most savings.

Make use of discount coupons.

You’ll find lots of them online. You can check out as well. They have 10% discount coupons to give away all the time.

Take advantage of aggregator sites.

These are where you’ll find the best hotel prices as these sites will compare rates against hundreds of other booking sites. Some of the best sites to go to include,,, Expedia and Trivago.


Try members-only websites.

Sites like Jetsetter and Vacationist will negotiate with some of the best hotels and negotiate special rates of up to 60%. The best things about these sites is that membership is free.


Compare the rates given by both members-only and aggregator sites.

This is to make sure that you are indeed getting the cheapest rate.

Sign up for newsletters.

If you have preferred hotels or booking sites, then sign up for their newsletters. Hotel chains will most likely be offering coupons during sales and expos. By doing so, you’ll receive email coupons and notifications whenever they’re having a sale.

Earn points.

Using hotel points and credits through loyalty programs, you’ll be able to win free hotel accommodation and other freebies, helping you save more money.


Don’t forget to check official hotel websites.

This is because some hotel chains will only post their best rates on their official sites. So it would only be a waste of time if you use aggregators and members-only websites.


Check your credit card for extra perks. Some credit companies offer tour packages if you book using their card. You can contact your bank or check for flyers or brochures.

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