Hellish Flight: Better to Have Snakes on a Plane

Rude passengers, cramped seats, bad-tasting food—these are just some of the things you’re likely to experience if you’ve been traveling long enough. Makes you wish you own a private jet every time these things happen. Since your own jet is nothing more than a dream, the best thing you can do is to try to survive the hellish flight. How?


Prepare for the unexpected

Be armed with the essential tools to help you escape what could be a horrific situation, especially when flying economy class. These include a pillow, noise-canceling headphones and snacks. If it’s a long-haul flight, an eye mask is also highly recommended, so you can block out whatever bad view you’re treated to. Be ready to complain to the attendant, if the passenger in front of you reclines his chair, taking up a lot of room.


Bring a deodorizer

Some people have developed abhorrence for taking a bath or brushing their teeth. And, one of these days, one of them could be seated next to you on the plane. What’s worse, they won’t have qualms about taking their shoes off, or making small talks with you. Rather than stiffening up and vomiting, offer breath mints and put your deodorizer to good use. If none of your efforts work, ask the attendant to move you to another seat. Just hope there are still empty seats.


Take the high road

If there are rude passengers, there are rude attendants as well. As much as you’d like to box their ears, avoid more problems by being kind and polite. Doing so is often an effective, rude buster. However, if you receive genuine hostility, be sure to take down names and file a report. Make sure the same thing doesn’t happen again, even to other passengers. Don’t forget to follow up, so that you’re complaint won’t go unheard. Knowing you get to mete out just punishment will make you feel so much better. Airline travel isn’t always guaranteed fun and peaceful, so be ready for anything.


Photos by: DougPimthidaDaniel Lobopeter burge

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